Shelving Systems

We cater for all your storage needs, whether you’re looking for long span shelving, high rise shelving, two-tier shelving or mobile shelving.

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Shelving Systems

If you’re looking for high-quality shelving solutions, look no further than West Pennine Storage Equipment. We provide a complete range of British made shelving systems that have been designed to withstand various impacts, allowing you to store your goods and equipment effectively.

West Pennine Storage Equipment cater for all your storage needs, so whether you’re looking for long span shelving, high rise shelving, two-tier shelving or mobile shelving, we are confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, here!

The installation of our industrial shelving is highly efficient and reliable, making it easier for you to choose something suitable for your industrial environment. Our industrial shelving is ideal for light to heavy-duty applications; so you needn’t worry about choosing something that suits your business needs.

The cost of heavy-duty shelving is competitive, providing you with the best value for money. Our reliable light duty shelving, heavy duty shelving and mobile shelving is designed to be adjustable, ensuring that it fits perfectly within your storage facility, whilst Our Long span shelving provides robust storage for large or heavy items.

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Installation and Maintenance

Experience hassle-free installation with our expert team, who ensure seamless setup of your chosen shelving and racking system. We provide comprehensive assembly support, guaranteeing that your storage solution is up and running in no time. To maintain the longevity of your shelving investment, our team offers valuable maintenance tips, helping you keep your storage systems in prime condition. In the event of wear or damage, our repair and replacement services ensure uninterrupted storage functionality. Trust in our commitment to hassle-free installation, worry-free maintenance, and ongoing support throughout the lifespan of your storage solution.

A wide variety of shelving to suit different needs.

Long Span Shelving:
Ideal for storing large or heavy items, long-span shelving provides robust storage solutions for any environment where space efficiency and organisation are paramount.

High Rise Shelving:
Designed to maximise vertical storage space, high-rise shelving is a perfect fit for environments with limited floor space.

Two-Tier Shelving:
The double-decker storage optimises space in all areas, allowing efficient storage for a wide range of products while maintaining accessibility.

Consultation and Support

Embark on your storage enhancement journey with our expert guidance and unparalleled support. Our dedicated team provides personalised consultation, understanding your unique storage needs and recommending the ideal shelving solutions. Benefit from on-site assessments where our professionals evaluate your space, ensuring precise recommendations. Receive customised quotes that align with your requirements, providing transparent pricing for your selected shelving system.

Our commitment to customer support extends beyond purchase—reach out to us for any inquiries, assistance, or troubleshooting, and experience unmatched service throughout your shelving experience.

Durability and Construction

Discover the resilience of our industrial shelving and racking as we prioritise durability in every design. Crafted to withstand the impacts most industrial spaces are prone to, our systems provide reliable, long-lasting storage solutions.

Designed to support varying weight capacities, our shelving ensures the safe storage of diverse items. From heavy-duty loads to lighter storage needs, our range of industrial racking guarantees optimal performance. With meticulous attention to construction, our units are built to last, delivering superior durability that meets the demands of your dynamic storage environment.

Customisation Options

Enhance your storage space with our comprehensive range of industrial shelving and racking solutions that can be tailored to your unique needs. Our commitment to providing adaptable storage solutions ensures that your shelving aligns perfectly with your warehousing requirements.

Choose from an array of durable materials, colours, and finishes that optimise your space and reflect your brand’s identity. Elevate organisation by integrating with an even wider range of accessories such as dividers, bins, labels and many more. Experience the power of customisation as you create a storage solution tailored precisely to your operational demands. For a full list of customisable options, contact us today.

Space Optimisation

Maximise your available space with our innovative shelving and racking solutions designed for efficient storage utilisation. Our vertical storage options enable you to maximise your facility’s height while our space-saving designs ensure optimal floor space usage. Embrace the flexibility of our modular shelving, which can be easily reconfigured to accommodate changing storage needs over time. Whether working with limited space or seeking to streamline a sprawling area, our industrial shelving empowers you to optimise your storage layout, achieving both functionality and visual appeal.

West Pennine Storage Equipment Limited have been working with us for a number of years, supplying and installing high bay pallet racking. All jobs were carried out to our complete satisfaction and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

David Slater, Operations Director, Meyer Group Ltd

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