Double Deep Racking System

If you are looking to maximise storage capacity in your business, double deep pallet racking can offer up to two times as much space to hold your pallets.

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How Double Deep Racking Works

Our double deep pallet racking system revolutionises storage by utilising redundant aisle space, effectively doubling your storage capacity without expanding your floor space. This high-density solution accommodates two rows of standard pallets in a deep configuration, minimising the number of aisles required. While direct access to individual pallets is affected, strategic planning helps maintain efficient stock management. Our specialised forklifts with telescopic forks enable smooth handling of the second pallet, enhancing your warehouse’s productive flow. Embrace this strategic storage method to optimise your space and maximise storage density with minimal compromise.

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UK Market Leading Solutions

West Pennine Storage Equipment is proud to be a Tier One design and installation partner for Link 51 and Apex Linvar. Our relationship with Link 51 and Apex allows us to design, deliver and install the highest quality, UK-manufactured racking at competitive prices. As we are a highly recognised distributor of all storage facilities, we are also able to supply all other major brands of Pallet Racking, Industrial Shelving and other Storage Systems.

While double-deep pallet racking systems offer exceptional storage density and capacity, it’s important to note some considerations. The deep configuration limits direct access to individual pallets, impacting stock rotation in specific scenarios. However, effective planning of inventory and stock management can mitigate this limitation. A well-implemented double-deep system needs to carefully consider your needs and product flow. Moreover, specialised forklifts with telescopic forks are necessary for seamless operation, making proper equipment and training essential. With strategic planning, you can leverage the advantages of this high-density storage solution while managing its limitations effectively.

West Pennine Storage Equipment Limited have been working with us for a number of years, supplying and installing high bay pallet racking. All jobs were carried out to our complete satisfaction and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

David Slater, Operations Director, Meyer Group Ltd

Advantages of Double Deep Racking

Double deep racking allows you to unlock the potential of your warehouse space with unmatched storage density. By stacking standard pallets in a deep configuration, you’ll enjoy high-density storage that maximises floor space. This translates to reduced operational costs as fewer aisles are required, allowing you to accommodate an increased inventory. Efficient stock management systems then allow for smooth inventory rotation.

Forklifts and Equipment for Double Deep Racking

Efficiency lies at the heart of our double deep pallet racking system, and specialised forklifts are the key to unlocking its potential. These purpose-built units enable safe and precise handling of the second pallet in the deep configuration. Investing in this equipment enhances productivity and reduces the learning curve for operators. Our forklifts seamlessly integrate with the double-deep system, ensuring your warehouse operates at its peak. With the right equipment and proper training, you’ll experience smooth pallet handling, increased storage capacity, and the advantages of this high-density storage solution.

Diverse Storage Solutions

At West Pennine Storage Equipment, we’re not just about double-deep pallet racking systems. As a recognised distributor, we offer extensive storage solutions tailored to your needs. We have you covered, whether standard pallet racking, adjustable pallet racking, industrial shelving, or other storage systems. Our comprehensive selection ensures you can find the perfect solution to optimise your warehouse layout, increase storage density, and enhance overall efficiency. With our expertise and wide-ranging offerings, you’ll discover the ideal storage solution that aligns with your business objectives.

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