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The Health & Safety Executive recommends that all racking installations are inspected at least every twelve months, any failure to conduct regular inspections can invalidate insurance cover. We can provide both informal pre-inspection visits and professional Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) racking inspections.

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It is important to contact an industry specialist such as ourselves, if you suspect that a racking installation may have become unstable or has suffered damage. We can advise on arranging the necessary condition reports as well as the spares and repairs to bring the racking back into a safe condition.

SEMA Inspections

Annual SEMA inspections will ensure that all racking and storage systems are safe and compliant with the Health and Safety Executive recommendations.

A SEMA inspector must hold the regulatory certificate and be named on the SEMA Inspectors register before they can offer you a SEMA Safety Inspection Certificate. The inspection will cover all the requirements from the condition of the structure, security fixings, safety netting, line marking to load notices and other ancillary products depending on the type of materials being stored.

Failure to pass the inspection and hold certification could result in your company needing to cease from trading until the repairs have been completed and invalidation of your insurance. So why not engage with West Pennine Storage Equipment and arrange a pre-inspection.

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Importance of Regular Inspections

Regular rack inspections are pivotal in ensuring workplace safety and compliance with regulatory standards. As recommended by the Health & Safety Executive, timely assessments significantly impact insurance coverage, safeguarding against potential liabilities. Failure to conduct these inspections poses substantial risks, potentially invalidating insurance policies and compromising workplace safety. These inspections serve as a proactive measure, identifying structural vulnerabilities, damage, or instability within racking installations. Adhering to these inspections not only meets regulatory guidelines but also fosters a secure working environment, mitigating risks and ensuring the longevity of storage systems.

Pre-Inspection Services

Pre-inspections are a proactive step before formal SEMA assessments, offering a detailed preview of potential issues. Unlike SEMA inspections, these assessments provide an informal yet thorough evaluation, identifying areas needing attention. Their primary aim is to equip clients with insights into necessary repairs or modifications before the official inspection, ensuring smoother compliance. While not accredited, these assessments empower clients to pre-emptively address concerns, enhancing the likelihood of passing SEMA inspections. By availing themselves of pre-inspections, clients gain a strategic advantage in proactively managing and rectifying potential compliance issues.

Post-Installation Follow-up Services

Post-installation, scheduling follow-up inspections within the recommended timeline is crucial. These subsequent checks, typically advised between 10-11 months after installation, allow for early identification of emerging issues. They enable timely repairs before the annual SEMA Inspection, ensuring continual compliance and safety. Recommending immediate repairs post-installation ensures that the integrity of the racking systems remains intact. Through these follow-up services, clients are assured of sustained safety measures, minimising the risk of unexpected failures and maintaining uninterrupted operational workflows.

Repair and Maintenance Guidance

Securing workplace safety requires swift action upon identifying structural concerns during inspections. Arranging timely condition reports and promptly executing repairs are pivotal. Timely maintenance addresses safety and influences the successful passing of SEMA inspections. The guidance facilitates the process of restoring racking systems to a safe and compliant state. Taking proactive measures as advised ensures the elimination of potential hazards and guarantees compliance. Adhering to repair and maintenance guidance proves instrumental in maintaining a secure workplace environment and avoiding operational disruptions due to failed inspections.

Inclusive Inspection Services

We provide inclusive inspections covering a wide range of racking systems, ensuring comprehensive scrutiny regardless of the system’s complexity or installation origin. Clients benefit from the assurance that our inspections encompass all necessary aspects, guaranteeing a thorough evaluation of safety standards and compliance. This inclusivity underscores our commitment to ensuring workplace safety across various racking systems, offering peace of mind and comprehensive assessments to all clients, irrespective of their installation specifics.

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Pre -Inspections:

West Pennine Storage Equipment can provide you with an informal pre-inspection, detailing any remedial works that need completing prior to your SEMA inspection.

The pre-inspection will cover all the criteria of the SEMA inspection but not be accredited, therefore enabling you to complete any repairs, giving you peace of mind that you will pass your SEMA Inspection.

Our team of experienced consultants will visit your site(s) in advance of the annual inspection date and complete a thorough inspection, providing a full report of their findings. Your consultant will provide you with a quotation for the cost of the repairs ensuring that they will be completed in advance of the SEMA Inspection.

West Pennine Storage Equipment can also book your SEMA Inspection ensuring that the project is completed in a timely manner and giving you peace of mind.


Follow Up Service:

West Pennine Storage Equipment will book in your pre-inspection once we have completed the installation of your storage and racking requirements. We recommend an informal pre-inspection between 10 – 11 months after installation so that any repairs can be completed in advance of the annual SEMA Inspection.

We can include all existing racking systems in our inspections, both informal and SEMA, regardless of the system or installer. So contact us now to book your free pre-inspection visit.

SEMA Inspection Overview

Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) inspections, integral to workplace safety, demand certified inspectors to adhere to stringent regulatory requirements. These assessments encompass a comprehensive review, evaluating structural integrity, safety features, load notices, and more. Failing SEMA inspections can halt operations, requiring immediate repairs to regain compliance and insurance validity. Holding a SEMA Safety Inspection Certificate assures compliance and workplace safety.

Certified and listed on the SEMA register, inspectors conduct meticulous examinations, ensuring adherence to Health & Safety Executive recommendations. SEMA inspections thus guarantee compliance, fortify safety standards, and validate insurance coverage, making them indispensable within industrial settings.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Identifying and mitigating risks associated with racking systems is imperative for workplace safety. Our services extend beyond inspections to offer comprehensive risk mitigation strategies. We assist in identifying potential hazards within the racking infrastructure and provide guidance on preventive measures. We aim to minimise risks through these strategies, proactively ensuring a safer working environment. Inspections play a pivotal role in this process, allowing for the early detection of vulnerabilities and facilitating timely interventions to eliminate risks. Our commitment lies in inspecting and empowering clients with practical risk mitigation strategies, ensuring sustained safety within their operational spaces.

Client Support and Peace of Mind

Our support extends beyond mere inspections; it encompasses a holistic approach to client satisfaction and peace of mind. We provide unparalleled support throughout the inspection process, offering detailed reports, recommendations, and assistance. Clients benefit from the assurance of engaging with industry specialists dedicated to ensuring their safety and compliance. We aim to instil confidence through thorough assessments, comprehensive guidance, and unwavering support. Clients can rely on our expertise, knowing that their safety concerns are addressed with utmost care and diligence, fostering peace of mind and a secure working environment.

West Pennine will inspect all storage equipment regardless of the installer, ensuring that all storage solutions are inspected at the same time and against the same standards.

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