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Warehouse storage accessories for sale in Lancashire and throughout the UK

Save on costly repairs and prevent potentially nasty hazards by investing in warehouse storage accessories. West Pennine Storage Equipment Limited offers a range of storage accessories to suit your businesses needs and budget.

Accessories available

  • Anti-collapse mesh: Should be fitted to single sided runs of pallet racking where pedestrians have access to the rear of the rack i.e. fire exits or walkways. Mesh panels are fitted to the rear of the rack to prevent unstable pallet loads from collapsing and causing injury. Panels stand off the rear of the rack to allow for pallet overhang.
  • Bay/location markers: Identify aisle and stock locations with these highly visible markers.
  • Barriers and rack protection: Save on costly repairs to damaged uprights by providing barriers and column guards.
  • Guide rails: For narrow aisle applications. Securely fixed to the ground, they provide accurate aisles for your truck.
  • Load notices: All pallet racks should have load notices attached to them, detailing the maximum weight per pair of beams and the maximum bay load.
  • Timber and mesh decks: Drop-in pre-constructed timber decks are essential when irregular sized pallets are stored on pallet racking. They are made to suit the particular length of beam and depth of frame. Decks can be made to carry most weights of pallet. Available in either open or close boarded, rough sawn or planed depending on the application. Steel mesh decks are also available.
  • Pallet support bars: Used to support irregular shaped or weak pallets. They span the beams thus providing additional support.

warehouse storage

An established business

West Pennine Storage Equipment Limited has been providing storage equipment for over 28 years. We understand that practicality and safety of warehouse equipment is very important and without it the smooth running of your warehouse could be jeopardised.
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Why choose us?

West Pennine Storage Equipment Limited prides itself in giving a complete and outstanding service. Our team is fully trained and qualified in installing warehouse storage accessories and other warehouse equipment, meaning that we won't just fit your system to the highest industry standards but you can be assured it is also completed safely.

For more information on our pallet racking storage solutions and how you can make the most of your warehouse space, contact our specialists. We can visit your premises and help you access your businesses storage needs, putting together a comprehensive, no-obligation plan for free. Leave your contact details on our enquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
West Pennine Storage Equipment Limited is the name you can rely on for storage accessories in Lancashire and across the UK.
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